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Talking to the Wrong Kind by MooiHorseDesigns
Talking to the Wrong Kind

Battle in the Saddle 2014

Ranch’s Name: 'Ahiu Lio Ranch
Country: 'Ahiu Lio Mokupuni
Horse’s Name: BhS I Aint No Wild Chick
Rider: Olivia Rumefer
Class(es) Entered: Barrel RacingPole BendingHalter & ShowmanshipRanch Remuda Challenge

Lilly had wanted to allow Chick to stretch out on her own terms and get some good grass, so she found a pasture for her. She didn't see any other horses in the field so she turned her out. The mare bolted off down the way and kicked up her heels. It wasn't till Lilly came back a half an hour later that she saw her mare was not in a field alone.... There where the yearlings... and one in particular had picked to stay close to Chick. It worried Lilly some that if they all startled what if she got hurt? But she trusted her mare and brought her in when her time was up.
Trying on the Gifts by MooiHorseDesigns
Trying on the Gifts

Battle in the Saddle 2014

Ranch’s Name: 'Ahiu Lio Ranch
Country: 'Ahiu Lio Mokupuni
Horse’s Name: BhS I Aint No Wild Chick
Rider: Olivia Rumefer
Class(es) Entered: Barrel RacingPole BendingHalter & ShowmanshipRanch Remuda Challenge

It was the awards night and though Lilly felt confident she never counted her chicks before they hatched. Right before it was time for the placings to be posted Lilly stayed with her mare to love on her. Lakopa was off with some girl... Which actually was different. He was normally so quiet and focused on his work.  Oh well, it was good for him. Lilly had her mare all bathed down and tidied up for the plane ride home. Her competitors blanket was on, and so was the complementary halter. Olivia smiled at her mare and stroked her, lost in thought, when she heard the clock go off, telling her to hurry...

Probably the only time I would draw Chick in her lovely free blanket!!

Blanket © RockCreekRanch 
July 16 Well, the title says it all. I'll be gone for 17 days dA!! When I return I'm sure my inbox will be filled with art.. maybe even some comments... and once I'm back I will be BUSY with show entries... because why not?

I will miss you all dearly! Be back soon after tea with the Queen (ya right.. -.-)

July 8 ...been just so tired of a picture you're working on you just want it done and don't care if it's crappy? That's how I feel about this LAST entry I have for a show... and I honestly just don't care!! Give me last! I just wanna be done...

July 4 Happy Independence day to all my fellow Americans, and just Happy July 4th to those who are not! ^^ As the title shows, I'm looking at getting back into RP'ing. I miss it.. and I want to have sub storylines to my characters.. have them interact with other stable people. Maybe fall in love, maybe be heart broken, form new affiliates, ect. ect. ect. I know not a ton of my fellow art people RP but... I think it's a great way to form your characters and to know them better for your own sake... I don't know... If you would be interested in RP'ing with me, send me a note! I'm more than open to any and all.

June 29 More specifically, London and Dublin. I'm pretty excited! But that means I have less time to get entries done so you guys are gonna be flooded the next few days... PLUS I don't recall if any of my friends on here live in those areas I'll be going to... but if you do and want to meet up that would be so cool! Note me if you could.

June 25 A) it is only 6 months till Christmas and B) I'M BACK! Yup you read it! I got my tablet fixed and I am once more able to draw! Boo Ya! I've missed so many of my friends on here... I feel like you all think I'm dead and had a little funeral for me and then forgot me... I miss you all so much!!!!!!!! I'm hoping to re-spark old friendships and form new ones now that I'm back on here regularly. Well just wanted to let you all know that! Bye bye!

April 19 UPDATE I know I still haven't got results up. I'm sorry. My life is so busy. My thoroughbred filly is in training, my homework load has only grown, and on top of all of that, my tablet is broken. I will do results, but prizes may not get updated with the year for a while.. I'm so sorry. 

So until I can have a life again, and figure something out with this tablet, my stable is frozen. No horses are for sale, or forgotten. There will be no aging. I'm hoping though that I will get all results up soon.

Dec. 16 I'm terribly sorry to have been gone so long, but when you take college prep classes that could get you out of those college courses, you have no life practically. Ontop of my drastically heavy studies I have been working with my FFA project, working on saturdays, teaching sunday mornings, and going on occasional dates with my boyfriend, who is celebrating 7 months today with me. I will be getting up results of AAQHC as soon as possible, I truly am sorry over this long wait. Life just got in the way.

Sept. 27 All American Quarter Horse Congress Is still open for Registrations till Oct. 16!!
Also, I haven't been on, or responding to much of anything because life got busy... like AP classes, golf tournaments, and sickness... so I will be working on trying to get up on everything, sorry for the delay.

Sept. 2 Okay All you Quarter Horse Owners! The HARPG-QH-Congress is now open from Pre-Registration, and availability to send in entries! So head on over to get signed up for the 2013 running of the Quarter Horse Congress.

Aug. 23 Also.. I tried to use my tablet today.. and it only responds to my finger... no pen.... and it only moves the mouse... can't draw... so.... I don't know whats up... any helpful ideas/suggestions? UPDATED

It still is NOT working... I don't know what it up with it... it only responds to my fingers.. is super slow.... and I can't draw! meaning my entries won't get done! Anyone have an idea what is wrong?

Aug. 20 Okay so.... school is starting up... Yay Sophomore year! -.- any way.. that will mean slowing down on entries I've been working on... but..... that means The All American Quarter Horse Congress is opening up soon for registrations!

Also.. I tried to use my tablet today.. and it only responds to my finger... no pen.... and it only moves the mouse... can't draw... so.... I don't know whats up... any helpful ideas/suggestions?

Aug. 2 Well, I'm headed for Oklahoma City! First we'll spend a night in St. Louis, but the end destination is OK because I will be at the Youth World Show competing in the Judging Competition. I don't know if I have any friends on here that live close to Oklahoma City, but if I had free time and my parents said it would be fine, I would love to meet you! But anyways, I may be absent once more for 5 days because of this. I'll talk to all when I get the chance!

July 31 I came back to dA with over 8,000 deviations, almost 1,000 journals, 3 notes, and 5 messages.... I had a lot to clean out... I have missed drawing and my art.. but I met a boy... not just any boy... a guy who makes me happy... someone who took away my heavy depression that I had hanging over me from the stress of school, family, and ever art.. I've taken a really long absence from here.. and I'm sorry I gave no warning for it. To My friends here, if I still have any, I am truly, 100% sorry. I will do whatever it takes to make up for my neglectance to you. 

I also will be doing some serious build up hopefully for my horses. Chicky may never reach HoF at this rate because I just.. I don't know.. it seems I work just as hard as all the other HoF people but I just could never get her to that point... I was stressed over that but now I've just let go... It's kinda depressing to me to think my prized mare just may not be good enough truly.... oh well. I will be having the sale still soon for her foal, don't worry.

Um... wow.. I'm not sure what else to say... just I am very sorry.
Slide in Like a Phantom by MooiHorseDesigns
Slide in Like a Phantom

Scuderie della Torre Opening Show 

Horse name: RVR Blue Rocket
Rider name: Lakopa Loneki
Stable name: 'Ahiu Lio Ranch
Class: Reining

She was a terror!! She ripped up training saddles, and bruised riders. Her temper was out of control, and the only way to trim it back was to work her hard. Lakopa was slumped back in his seat, exhausted after his training session with Opera. The blue roan mare was snorting outside as she ran around in the pasture, after 3 hours of training. Lakopa shook his head and dreaded the on coming show he wanted to take her to. What if she acted up and hurt someone? It's not that she was mean, but her temper made her very unpredictable. But she had to be shown sooner or later,  or else she wasn't keeping her rent, and would have to be sold. So Lakopa got up with a groan and headed out to pack up Opera's favorite saddle, the only one she didn't pull off of herself...


The show was lovely. Mixed for horses of all types to come and perform. Lakopa watched and saw few Western horses, but that meant fewer horses to have to wait around in the warm up pen with Opera....

"RVR Blue Rocket and Lakopa Loneki" was called over a walkie talkie to the gate keeper, who then motioned for Lakopa to enter the ring. He nudged the blue roan mare forward and watched the judges for a nod to begin. Once it was given, he could only pray that Blue would behave. She was brilliant if she put her energy into her work. And as if she knew this was different, the mare flickered her ears and took off smoothly into the big arch circle, and began the pattern.


Artists Comments:

Not my best, but a HUGE Thank You to the following amazing people I have been blessed to meet. 
LadyNyght , RandomCatLady , littlebridge , DalRiataStables Without them I would have never tried a new style of coloring for my horse... I think that is the most detailed looking horse I've ever done.. Thank you guys for pushing me to try something new!! I think with practice I could get pretty good with this.

Ref: x 
Help! I've Fallen and Can't Get Up -Collab WIP by MooiHorseDesigns
Help! I've Fallen and Can't Get Up -Collab WIP

Wildflower Hill Stables 1st Autumn Event

Stable Name: 'Ahiu Lio Ranch
Horse Name: BMPMiss Bountiful Bourbon
Horse Age: Yearling
Rider Name: Olivia Rumefer
Class(es) Entered: Halter
Country: 'Ahiu Lio Mokupuni 

Stable Name: Hidden Hollow Ranch
Horse Name: HHR Just a Canadian Gunner
Horse Age: 6 months
Rider Name: Liam McCollum
Class(es) Entered: Halter
Country: Scotland

It was a rather sunny day when Lilly and Missy had arrived to the Autumn Show. The yearling filly was dociel as ever, but was frisky enough to tell Lilly that she needed to be turned out to paddock to stretch her legs after the long plane ride. Lilly smiled at the red roan filly then took her around to find their assigned stall. She dropped her off and unpacked their light travel pack then looked around. All the horses around them where so much older that Missy, and Lilly didn't want to turn her out in a field with such older horses. She inquired with some staff members about younger horses here that she might be able to pasture Missy with. They gave her a stall number to a 6 month old filly and said to ask them since they were currently out in a pasture then.

Olivia walked down the barn to the stall number and found a man clean off a small foal show halter. "Um... excuse me... I know this is odd of me to ask but, your filly is the closest in age to my yearling... and we just flew in... and well.. Missy really needs to stretch her legs and I was wondering if I could inquire about putting my filly out in a pasture with yours?"

Lilly bit her tounge as this man just looked at her. "Oh... I can be so stupid when nervous. "I'm Olivia, Olivia Rumefer. But please, call me Lilly. I'm the owner of 'Ahiu Lio Ranch." She held her hand out for him and just hoped he would shake it, so she didn't seem completely like a fool.

To be continued....

If you would like to finish the story go on ahead! If not.. I will!! But I thought this was perfect since both our fillies are showing at the same show, why not use this as extra points for them?!

Missy was not amused when a foal ran into her butt.. she's looking back like... "Children..." and she's only 1 years old xD

Only to be used by Hidden-Hollow-Ranch and myself.

Candi © Hidden-Hollow-Ranch
Lilly and Missy © Me, MooiHorseDesigns
Foal reference |x|

BhS I Aint No Wild Chick

a.k.a Chicky Babe!

Her Reference
BhS I Aint No Wild Chick by MooiHorseDesigns

This is where all of her points in all her Registries can be found. Also more info on breeding, pedigree, show results and everything else can be found there.

Her Pedigree!
Wild Thang by Wild-Rose-Ranch
Wild Thang is her sire and he has given her a total of 7 points.

Dixie Chick's lover girl by Wild-Rose-Ranch
Dixie Chick's Lover Girl is her dam and gives her 1 point.

Total for Pedigree: 8


Unwritten Melody by MooiHorseDesigns
This is Unwritten Melody her first Liberty class and she got second place giving her 3 points plus 10. 4 points for hte picture it self

Sibling Rivalry by MooiHorseDesigns
Sibling Rivalry got her a fifth place but no points sadly for her. 4 points for the picture it's self

Strut Your Stuff by MooiHorseDesigns
Strut your stuff is Chick's first show ever and She came in first! Gives her 5 points plus 4 points for the picture it self

Turning Heads by MooiHorseDesigns
A mini show entry to get her some points in. 3 points for the picture She came in second giving 3 more points!

A Beautiful Beginning by MooiHorseDesigns
Her first under saddle show! woopie! 4 points! Got reserve champion! 10 points

Round n' Round We Go by MooiHorseDesigns
Another REining Entry! 4 points

Smiles for the Judges by MooiHorseDesigns
back to the basics of halter. 4 points

Do The Cow Hop by MooiHorseDesigns
First time cutting! 4 points.

Doll Face Can Slide by MooiHorseDesigns
Another reining. 4 points

She entered four shows so this gave her 7 extra points

Total for shows: 73

Other Pictures!

BhS I Aint No Wild Chick Bid by MooiHorseDesigns
This was the bidding picture I did of her and what got us her. She gets 4 points for it

A Future Full of Hope by MooiHorseDesigns
Her first breeding picture. 4 point

Total Eclipse of the Heart by MooiHorseDesigns
Just a nice full shaded body pic! 4 points.

The Duo waiting to be a Trio by MooiHorseDesigns
Her and Rambo! 4 points

All in a Days Job by MooiHorseDesigns
Just a picture of chick in a round pen after a work out. 4 points

Another Year by MooiHorseDesigns
Head shot of her b-day. 1 point

Chick x Tundra by MooiHorseDesigns
Another amazing breeding! 1 point

Total for other pictures: 22


BMP I Gotta Wild Gun 1 point
BMP Miami's Wild Vice 1 point

Total for offspring: 2 points

Pictures By Others!

Happy Holidays by HorseFreak194
Done by HorseFreak194 as a Christmas present! this gives her 1 point. Thank you!

MooiHorseDesigns Christmas Present by TrueHorseLover165
Done by the amazing TrueHorseLover165! Thank you so much! 2 points

MooiHorseDesigns Lesson by Zephyrra
Christmas Present done by the lovely Zephyrra Thank you Thank you Thank you! 2 points

A Kiriban Prize from the wonderful Azaroe Thank you again! 2 points
Total for by others: 7

Registered  With!
:iconh-q-h-a: 2 points :icona-q-h-a: 1 point :iconp-p-h-a: 1 points :icondilute-rpg: 1 point :iconharpg-western-riders: 1 point  :iconharpg-stock-futurity: 1 point :iconstock-horse-champs: 1 point :iconthe-mare-society: 1 point :iconstockassociation: 1 point :iconharpg-r-a: 1 point  :iconh-s-h-a: 1 point

Total for Registries: 10 points

The Goal

She has 163 points out of 200.
Needed points: 23

All The support you guys give and help with is so much appreciated. If we don't reach the goal then it's a bummer but we'll keep going till we reach it! Thank you again!


Home to BhS I Aint No Wild Chick
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I am an avid worker that has been raised with Standardbred Racers till we sold out of all of our horses. I got my first, First!, actual horse of my own when I way 11. She was a very small, timid, afraid of men almost yearling Quarter Horse filly that I later Registered as Oopsie Daisy. I loved that mare nad just last year I sold her... I then got a horse I could actually ride, Moby. He was about 20-22 when we got him. He was just something for me to learn with. We sold him about a year or two ago. My last horse I had obtained was Braxton. A 16.3, grey, QH gelding that seemed so perfect... until we started working him. So in the end of my horse riding experinces they have been nothing but kinda bad... I'm looking at maybe trying jumping as the bording school I'd love to go to excels with students in that area... But this is my very short bio. Watch my page and come get to know me! I don't bite!

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